Elon Musk digs deep to improve LA traffic

Musk also wants to speed up the process of boring tunnels, joking that he wants boring machines to move faster than his pet snail, Gary. It's not boring at all. He added that the company's longer-term plans include a tunnel network to cover the entire greater Los Angeles area.

He posted on Twitter and Instagram that such sleds could transport cars at 125 miles per hour, with automatic switching from one tunnel to the next.

The video comes with a warning that it might trigger seizures or cause motion sickness.

The CEO posted the video to Instagram.

SpaceX senior engineer Steve Davis is leading the development of technology for The Boring Company's tunnels, and Musk previously revealed that the transportation system should eventually fit roughly 30 layers of tunnels and a hyperloop.

Elon Musk has given a glimpse into the underground network of tunnels he's building to help people avoid travelling through LA traffic. Godot, he said, would be the name of the Boring Company's first big piece of equipment.

We also get a look at one of the cutter heads of the boring machine slowly rotating.

Though it's not clear where Musk's first tunnel beneath SpaceX will ultimately lead to, one can presume that it would connect the space company with nearby LAX airport.

It's unclear whether Musk has received the necessary approval from the city government for this tunnel. Still, he thinks underground traffic tunnels are much more feasible than flying cars.

Thankfully, it appears that Musk is doing just fine - and the Boring Company is in even better shape than we thought. It will be able to go from Westwood to LAX in five minutes, he said.

Musk acknowledged improvement in boring technology may have crossover benefit for another vision of his for using tunnels to speed travel: Hyperloops, in which passengers would be transported in pods at near supersonic speeds through tubes with reduced air pressure.