Florida Man Wrestles Giant Snakes for the Environment, Profit

Dusty "The Wildman" Crum, who is an orchid-grower by trade, has been working on the SFWMD project in his spare time to earn extra money.

Dusty "Wildman" Crum says that the 16-foot, 10-inch python in the video above is the biggest he has ever caught.

A snake hunter in South Florida showed off his catch of the day - a 16-foot python. But the incentives start at $50 for a four-foot long snake and $25 for each additional foot above. Crum's massive python netted him $375 from the water district - about the same selling the skin. "Whoo! Sixteen-10, baby! Man, that's a big one!" According to the station, Crumm tracked down and killed the almost 17-foot, 130-pound invasive Burmese python in the Florida Everglades, and will take home a hefty bounty of $375, thanks a new program from the South Florida Water Management District. "Biggest snake I ever caught in my life right there".

Crum is proud of his work, saying: "When people say they are only catching one or two snakes, why are they not catching more snakes?"

Florida's wildlife commission announced at the beginning of May new prizes and plans to hire additional contractors to boost python removals from state-managed lands.

Crum and his crew also captured 78 eggs, so they definitely helped cut down on the growing snake population.