2016's Top 10 most popular baby names released

For boys, the most common name, Noah, has steadily gained in popularity since 2007, while the second-most popular name, Liam, has had a much sharper rise from just the 89th most popular name in that year.

Before Noah emerged as the top name for boys, parents favored another name from the Old Testament, Jacob, for the previous 14 years.

Noah was the most popular boys name for the fourth consecutive year, while Emma was the most popular girls name for the third consecutive year. It was followed by Olivia, Ava, Sophia and Isabella. It also reveals which names dropped in popularity. Music fans will recognize Kehlani from artist Kehlani Parrish, and Star Wars fans will remember Kylo from "The Force Awakens". For girls, the name Kehlani skyrocketed from 3,359th in 2015, to 872nd in 2016, likely thanks to the Grammy-nominated singer of the same name, as did the name Royalty.

If there's one thing Utah, and Utah County in particular, are known for, it's the abundance of babies buoying up the population each year, making the ranking of particular interest locally.

"It was inevitable. Caitlyn was already falling in popularity".

Hillary Clinton, the first woman to be the presidential nominee of a major American political party, did not lead to a spike in baby names, either. "Now it is suddenly controversial", she said.

Last year, it fell 542 spots - the biggest drop of any name - to No. 1,151.

The name Kehlani rose to number 872 from number 3,359 in 2015, while the name Kylo rose to number 902 from number 3,269 in 2015.

Sorry, Donald, you're not the top dog when it comes to baby names.

Outside the top 10, pop culture once again influenced baby name decisions, according to Forbes.