WWE Monday Night Raw 05/15/2017 Highlights (Roman Reigns, Finn Balor)

But Reigns went after Strowman's right elbow and a photo from the operating room in WWE's announcement shows doctors scoping Strowman's left elbow, so it's probably a good bet to think Strowman is coming back some time in that four- to eight-week window and WWE will play up his superhuman premature return.

As expected, this created a buzz amongst casual and die-hard fans alike.

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Reigns destroyed Strowman last week. The current champions attempted a face to face confrontation last week, only for the new challengers to avoid it by retreating up the ramp.

Bayley has exercised her rematch clause for the title after losing at Payback last month, only for Bliss to attack her foe with a kendo stick in the ring.

- Below is another clip from the new WWE 24 special on Finn Balor with a look at how he rehabbed alongside Seth Rollins in Birmingham, Alabama.

Will Joe get the upper hand again?

However, if Ambrose gets himself disqualified, he will lose the Intercontinental Championship. If the company did plan on having Strowman face off with Brock Lesnar for the Universal title some time this summer, then they could somehow re-work some plans to make that match happen at the annual November pay-per-view. It's fine to build a feud around mutual respect, but you have to find a way to inject some stakes into the match other than "it's for the titles".