Highland school voters approve budget and bus proposition, re-elected incumbent board members

A total of 646 voters were in favor of the fund, while 102 were opposed.

In addition, the board approved the hiring of Rebecca DelPrince, school psychologist, effective July 1, at a salary of $51,500, with the cost shared with Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems.

Voters also approved the Medina school budget 423 to 41.

Proposed school budget increases in Goshen and Chester, up for a vote on Tuesday, are modest, both falling below the state-mandated tax cap. The budget was approved with a vote of 413-93. Spending for specific projects will be subject to voter approval. The school board winners were Glenn Nealis and Marrk Schneider, with 207 and 293 votes.

As reported following previous school board meetings, the upcoming school year will face some financial challenges due to some unfavorable audit findings which show a history of the Hot Springs School District outspending their incoming resources.

The Democrats could be facing a primary if they follow their screening committee's recommendation and nominate attorney Jeff Bragman to be a Town Board candidate with incumbent Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez.

The Clymer Central School District proposed a 2017-18 budget of $11,287,390 - a 20.75 percent increase from 2007-08.

Morris' budget passed 116-43, with the capital reserve 108-48 in favor and the library passing 90-69.

Voters also approved Proposition 5, which authorized the Board of Education to negotiate and grant easements to American Water, 1,148 to 221.

In Sidney, the budget got 138 yes votes with 26 opposed.

Voting the Batavia City School District takes place from 7 this morning to 9 tonight.

In the Southern Cayuga Central School District, Christine Brozon (340) and Mike Huber (221) were elected to the two open three-year seats on the school board. Mauger tallied 541 votes as Jasen garnered 442.

The budget for next year includes $1.27 million for Equity and Access, a new initiative to help teachers reach at-risk students and remove barriers to learning caused by childhood trauma, family disruption and poverty.

School Board President Kevin Pattinson said his fear was if the district decreased that line item and there was influx of new students at the beginning of the school year "does that then leave administration short on that end?" Voters approved the budget, with 142 voting in favor and 83 voting against.

The resolution directs the school district to ensure officials are not collecting information about the legal status of students or their families, that they keep schools safe for students and families, and that a memo the district sent to school leaders in February gets translated and made available to all families and all staff. The budget will be $36,620,794, a 2.42 percent increase. The first is dealing with the financial shortage from the construction bond that will leave schools unfinished and the second is to establish more financial accountability in the district.

The budget passed 2,453 to 746.

Worcester's budget and bus propsitions passed, 146-39 and 144-40, with the school board going to Tanya Shalor over Justin Frost 124-55.