LaVar Ball Threatens Female TV Host On The Herd With Colin Cowherd

LaVar Ball suggested Wednesday that his Big Baller Brand company isn't interested in marketing toward women because it isn't "a woman's company".

Leahy's arguments had merit and are quite tame compared to the criticism that lies in wait for the Ball family once Lonzo Ball finally steps on to an National Basketball Association court.

Ball also said Leahy "scared him to death", perhaps to get even with her for once claiming that Ball's son Lonzo is scared of him.

Ball seemed to recoil at the question, saying, "Stay in your lane". She scares me, that's why I don't look over there. Leave me alone, I'll tell you right now: "4-500 pairs". "I would never threaten to you".

Ball: I've sold a good amount, to me. And she did take some shots at the elder Ball and his parenting style in a previous show so there's hints of bad blood here.

Leahy again tried to engage.

Ball: I heard you say it.

Leahy: I said that I wouldn't wear something...

We've collected some of the reaction to LaVar Ball's shutdown of Kristine Leahy below and on the following pages.

"Now that Lonzo's headed to Los Angeles, what they should have done is give me a billion dollars and let me be on my way", he said. Leahy then stated that she did not think BBB does not appeal to women (mostly because of the phallic-suggesting label (we all know it's true)), and implied that if he had women's apparel, that he would have had a better chance of dealing with Adidas, Nike and Under Armour.

Dear NBA Execs looking to draft Lonzo, this is who you will be dealing with, a narcissistic helicopter parent that has no problem alienating groups of people due to his own personal predjudices... all at the expense of his company.