Trump lashes out at critics over 'unfair treatment'

Trump's appearance at the academy came the day after reports that he had personally appealed to Comey to abandon the FBI's investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

"Our message is "make commercial fishing great again" and it's a congratulatory effort to say thank you to the Coast Guard class of 2017", said Joel Hovanesian, of Wakefield, who is a member of the Rhode Island Fishermen's Alliance.

Trump met last week with Russian officials just one day after he fired Comey, and on Monday the Washington Post and other news organizations reported that the president had revealed "highly classified information" to them reportedly from Israel, a key US ally.

"Things are not always fair", Trump said, adding that sometimes "things happen to you that you do not always deserve".

Trump went on to pat himself on the back for what he said were his many accomplishments.

President Donald Trump's budget priorities, which he released in March, proposed a $1 billion cut to the U.S. Coast Guard's approximately $11 billion budget.

"Things will work out just fine", he said.

President Donald Trump is congratulating graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy for choosing military service.

Stocks dropped and foreign currencies gained against the U.S. dollar as the weeklong drumbeat of bad news surrounding the Trump administration sows doubts over whether the president's pro-business policies will be enacted.

The rumours about Mr Trump's request of Mr Comey have sparked calls for his impeachment.

Democratic lawmakers said on Wednesday they would try to force a vote in the US House of Representatives on forming an independent commission to investigate possible Russian influence on the 2016 election, saying Republicans could not be trusted to thoroughly investigate Mr Trump. "We need 'em", Trump told the crowd.

Others pointed out that many other politicians throughout history have been killed as result of popular uprisings or assassinations, though Trump's complaint was primarily directed at the press.

In a further, extraordinary twist to developments, President Vladimir Putin waded in to say Moscow could provide Congress with a record of Trump's controversial exchange with Russia's top diplomat and its ambassador to Moscow last week.