Celine Dion Celebs Flock to Kiss the Ring

"I adore her. And obviously Barbra Streisand - they've always been these role models for me growing up, and it made me work harder and take better care of myself to just be the best that I can be".

In the 2007 version of "Let's Talk About Love", Wilson wrote that Dion's "music struck me as bland monotony raised to a pitch of obnoxious bombast - R&B with the sex and slyness surgically removed. a never-ending crescendo of personal affirmation deaf to social conflict and context".

Dion hit every challenging note flawlessly and the audience was on its feet by the end of the performance. That has much to do with nostalgia, sure, but her performance also glimmered with a tenderness and depth that didn't seem to be there in the studio version that became an inescapable hit during the economically robust Clinton years. "We went together. She's awesome", America's Next Top Model judge Law gushed to Entertainment Tonight. "I knew when she saw it and she tried it on, it was just [gasp], and when you have that [gasp], you know it's the right one". She loves fashion, and she loves clothes.

Vanessa Hudgens definitely looks wonderful tonight at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and someone who noticed was rapper Drake! We're told he waited in her dressing room for 45 minutes while Celine was doing press, and passed the time chatting with her son, Rene Charles.

And with that, Miley sang her new single with a country swagger - and ended the song no longer being able to hold back the emotion of the moment.