A Wonder Woman sequel will probably happen, but when?

Wonder Woman ends with the end of World War I, almost a century before the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman's introduction into the DC Universe.

Patty Jenkins has more than the weight of the DC Universe on her shoulders.

How fitting is it that those two films helped lead the way for what comic book movies are like now in this decade?

And Carter believes she, Gadot and film director Patty Jenkins share a special bond because of the movie. Wonder Woman vs. the JLA would be an event movie in the superhero genre to be sure.

Right now, there seems to be conflicting reports on just what form the inevitable Wonder Woman sequel will take.

And as the new Wonder Woman film hits theaters, hopefully some fans will look back and check out how Keri Russell was able to put her own unique stamp on the character.

On top of that, the central character is a woman - with a female director leading this incredibly jovial film into public consciousness. Producer Zack Snyder allegedly announced that Wonder Woman would be getting a sequel while attending the film's premiere last month, but Warner Bros. hasn't confirmed those details.

"I had no interest in Wonder Woman", he said. Did Gal Gadot make a convincing Wonder Woman? Even we were sceptical of her ability at the time.

Rucka also talks about why he believes the movie will be a success, the history of the Wonder Woman character and how he approached being a man writing a character that is a symbol of strength for women. Most importantly, it follows Diana's journey as she learns both the good and bad things about the wider world and has to decide what her mission truly is. Both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were rated rotten by Rotten Tomatoes, but that didn't slow plans for Justice League, which will premiere in theaters on November 17 this year. But I think we're all pretty pleased with the film, and you guys have been great, giving us amazingly wonderful positive feedback.

Thankfully, it's also an origin story of sorts ensuring that a new audience gets introduced and invested in what can become quite a deft new franchise.