13-inch MacBook Pro

To that end Apple announced upgrades to almost every single product in its computer line up, and thoroughly fucked over every single person who bought a MacBook Pro back in November. The new processors offer speeds up to 4.2 GHz, and support for more memory - up to 32GB on the 21.5 inch iMac, and up to 64GB on the iMac 5K 27 inch. It's bound to be a spectacular showcase of new hardware and software as usual, but the affair is reportedly going to miss out on a few highly anticipated products, including the iMac 2017 model and a revamped Mac Mini.

On stage during the keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has surely announced internal upgrades for its long-standing iMac lineup.

One significant addition to the Apple family is the new iMac Pro, an all-in-one behemoth set to start shipping in December that the company is aiming specifically at enterprise users running enormous workloads. "Today iMac gets a huge graphics performance increase, faster CPU performance, Thunderbolt 3 and a brighter Retina display with support for 1 billion colours". "Radeon Pro 500 Series graphics are enabling new generations of makers with compute-accelerated creative tools and new APIs, bringing their imaginations to life in ways like never before."*Available on the Radeon™ Pro 580.

Each and every iMac will now also ship with Intel's latest seventh generation "Kaby Lake" processors. "We're also investing in graphics hardware", Ternus said.

The desktop gets some serious processing power thanks to a variety of Intel Xeon processors, with options ranging from 8 cores up to 18-cores. Although the spec bumps and slashed prices were welcome, it was the unexpected iMac Pro that really stole the show.

After unveiling the refreshed iMac desktops and MacBook Pro, AMD's Senior Vice President and Chief Architect disclosed the benchmark to the public. They also have heftier discrete graphics: either a 2GB Radeon Pro 555 or a 4GB Radeon Pro 560, which are an upgrade from the 2GB Radeon Pro 450 and 455 and the 4GBRadeon Pro 460 found in earlier models.