Director: 'Wonder Woman' a 'hero' for all

The new "Wonder Woman" had quite a few obstacles to contend with-and that's not even counting the many Nazis the heroine vanquishes in the film. The movie arrives six months after the comic-book character was dropped as an ambassador for a United Nations campaign seeking to achieve gender equality, and a year after Gadot's Wonder Woman made a fleeting appearance in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On "The Tonight Show", Jimmy Fallon asked Gadot her delightful story about the audition, but ended up getting a full demonstration of how they used green screen magic for some of the reshot action scenes when Gadot was five months pregnant.

Zehner is a co-founder of Women Moving Millions, a philanthropic organization that donates to women's programs, and a founder of Utah Wonder Women, a professional networking organization that brings "together successful women from all walks of life to connect with each other and inspire the next generation of leaders", according to its website. He's the kind of man women want to believe is out there.

"Wonder Woman" didn't have to be awesome. At 20, she served the mandatory two years in the Israeli army.

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you", Gal begins in the Instagram video. Much of the hullaballoo, however, comes from the assertion that Wonder Woman will empower women and encourage the positive "representation" of women that is supposedly so rare in Hollywood. At one point, Diana and her company enter a dark and intense battlefield called "No Man's Land" that has seen numerous casualties over a year's time and Tervor informs her is unwinnable.

"She (stands) for truth, she (stands) for justice, she (stands) for doing the right thing always and she (stands) for love", Zehner said. But women superheroes or strong women characters had to be, 'I don't need anyone, I'm the toughest person in the world.' That's not fair to anybody.

Kaitlyn Bancroft is a Communications major in the News Media emphasis at Brigham Young University.