Bowser needs help in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions (man, that title is a chore) marches on 3DS on October 6.

In this renewed classic, Mario and Luigi journey to the Beanbean Kingdom with Bowser to restore Princess Peach's voice.

The game that launched the Mario & Luigi series returns looking better than ever before. This new story will focus on Captain Goomba and a cast of minions tasked to save Bowser. This mode will allow players to take on Captain Goomba's epic quest to save Bowser and will reportedly be nearly as long as the original Superstar Saga campaign. The biggest change that's present in the 3DS remake is the new mode, called Minion Quest, where you take on the role of the small but fierce Goomba Squad as they work to rescue Bowser from Fawful and Cackletta. It's a game all its own, and a meaty one at that according to Nintendo, with strategy elements that allow you to become your own bad guy troop battalion leader.

This update includes enhanced visuals where the original pixel art will receive 3D lighting to highlight the game's charming animations. The new amiibo and the existing Boo amiibo figure will be compatible with the game. It's It's a remake of the turn-based Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, which was released in 2003 on the GBA, but with new content - hence, the "plus".