'Vicious' inmates found in Tennessee after escaping from Georgia prison

The Georgia prison inmates who had been on the run after one of them shot and killed two Georgia State correctional officers were captured in Tennessee, according to officials.

Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose were taken into custody on Pruitt Road after the pursuit.

"The caller said men that matched the description were going in and out of the woods and looked suspicious", Malphrus said.

Sheriff Howard Sills and Federal Bureau of Investigation officials described at a news conference Thursday the expanded effort to find Donnie Russell Rowe and Ricky Dubose. "These are seriously unsafe, vicious hoodlums that need to be apprehended".

Donnie Russell Rowe and Ricky Dubose are the inmates accused of shooting and killing two Georgia correctional officers in Putnam County.

"It's very frustrating", Sills said.

Investigators have already examined more than 100 leads ranging from Texas to Virginia, Sills said. "We can not replace them".

Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Gregory Dozier said, "Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of two of our officers, who are our family".

That vehicle was spotted by law enforcement officers who chased Rowe and Dubose and captured them after they crashed and ran from the wreck. Officials said he's a member of the Aryan prison gang known as the Ghostface Gangsters.

"I think they don't have much to fear because they've already killed two people, so they don't have any problem killing somebody else", Bailey told WSB.

The prison bus was equipped with security video and had 31 other inmates in its cage, Sills said.

Authorities said the last sign of the two fugitives remains the theft of a 2008 white Ford F-250 pickup truck with the Georgia tag BCX-5372 from a rock quarry. Sills said they took some food and likely some clothes, since they left their prison uniforms behind. "If somebody is helping them and we find out who they are, they will be prosecuted as participants in this crime, there's no doubt about that".

Rowe, a repeat offender now serving life without parole, was imprisoned after being convicted on charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Baldwin State Prison transfer sergeants Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue were slain. Both were convicted of armed robbery and other violent crimes, and they've been cellmates a few times in Georgia's prisons.

Dubose, who was serving a 20-year prison sentence at the time of his escape, likely will not have an easy time hiding in a crowd: His neck is covered with hard-to-miss tattoos, with more ink drawings, in the shape of a crown, engraved over his eyebrows.

"It has become a nationwide search for these two individuals", he said.