White House denies Trump wants Mueller out, but heat's on

In what is sure to ignite another firestorm of debate in polarized Washington, a longtime friend of President Trump said Monday night that Trump is "weighing" whether to dismiss Robert Mueller, the Justice Department special counsel investigating possible ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., if he's seen any reason for Mueller to be fired, Rosenstein said, "I have not".

"If there were not good cause, it would not matter to me what anybody said", he said. "It wouldn't matter to me what anybody said".

After media reports said President Donald Trump was thinking about firing Mueller, Rosenstein told the Senate Committee on Appropriations only he can give Mueller the boot. Justice Department rules prohibit the dismissal of a special counsel without cause. White House officials and a person close to Trump's personal attorney said Trump is not planning to make any moves on Mueller. "I will defend the integrity of that investigation", Rosenstein said.

Rosenstein handed the reigns of the investigation over to Mueller last month not long after Trump abruptly fired FBI director James Comey, cutting short his 10-year term. "I think we'll be in communication personally with him on any aspects that might bleed over from one to the other".

Session will also testify before the House later Tuesday, scheduled to discuss the department budget.

Comey told the committee that during the meeting in which he was allegedly asked to drop the Flynn investigation that Sessions had left the room.

President Donald Trump speaks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Monday during a ceremony honoring the 2016 NCAA Football National Champions Clemson University Tigers.

If DT fires Robert Mueller, we officially pass Watergate & Trump becomes most corrupt POTUS of greatest scandal in USA history.

"No, I have not", he said.

Gingrich and Ruddy said it would be a "mistake" for Trump to remove Mueller, and both said they see the probe as unnecessary.

They say Mr Trump did not collude with Russian Federation and see the investigation as a politically-motivated sham that handicaps his ability to execute his agenda, according to one person who advises the White House on how to handle the probe.

Spicer did not outright discount the notion of removing the special counsel, but he noted Ruddy was not a spokesman for Trump. Rather than calling the President to tell him that, Ruddy took to a medium where he knew Trump would listen: TV.

But after the evidence of former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey last week, Mr Gingrich said he had changed his mind.

It was not clear whether Ruddy, who speaks often with the president, was basing his remarks on a specific conversation with the president or entirely on Sekulow's comments.

White House officials said late Monday that Ruddy was at the White House that day, but said he hadn't meet with the president and never spoke with him about the issue.