Sphero's new toy is a chatty Spider-Man

(The fact that Homecoming will be distributed by Sony Pictures, not Disney, may have something to do with the toy's lack of movie ties.) Still, Wilson said this Spider-Man comes with more than "100 comic books worth of content" and will also offer "tons of Easter Eggs". A proper demonstration kicked off, showcasing this Spider-Man's spectacular skill-set as he battled his way through the goons of the future Mister Negative.

Sphero's Spider-Man in some ways feels similar to this, but in a much larger capacity, with a microphone that can listen to your phrases and respond, and with an app that you can take on various adventures.

Stay tuned to our Marvel's Spider-Man preview straight from the E3 show floor, which should be swinging to the site soon.

Since this new Spider-Man toy uses voice commands, it's understandable that parents might worry about privacy.

The Interactive Spider-Man never had trouble hearing me, even when I spoke softly, and I never had difficulty hearing or understanding the sound coming out of the single speaker in his belly. Over on Twitter, a fan asked whether alternate Spider-Man costumes will be available in the game, to which the studio gave a short but sweet "yes".

The voice interactive Spider-Man is Wi-fi and app connected.

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 will release in 2018. You know, standard friendly neighborhood hero stuff. You get the same two-word choice system for your super power.

The interactive device looks different from anything else Sphero has created, in that it's stationary and made of a rubber material - all the company's other toys are designed to move.

There's no camera, but Spider-Man can use its infrared motion sensor to detect movement, In sentry mode, which you activate by double-pressing the logo button and saying "Activate guard mode", Spider-Man says things like, "Freeze, knucklehead, you're not allowed in here". For any Spider-Man fan, this is not only an interactive companion or toy, but it's a unique collectible and the ultimate alarm clock.

If you weren't already hyped about the first Spidey game for four years, you really should be.