PM Chastanet speaks on Trump Cuba policy

These changes will not take effect until the Treasury and Commerce Departments issue amended regulations-and even then will not affect existing travel, contracts, and licenses.

Cuba has been limiting American agricultural imports while Latin American countries and the European Union have been making recent inroads into the Cuban market. With Americans unable to visit as tourists, only permitted through 12 categories, like educational travel, some expect the number of tourists to drop off, affecting further hotel construction.

Officials have confirmed they will not seek reinstatement of the controversial "wet foot, dry foot" policy, which granted special asylum rights to undocumented migrants from Cuba while denying them to migrants from other countries.

"I am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba", Trump said, criticizing Obama for ignoring the human rights abuses of the Castro regime.

Because of that, Trump has restored some, but not all, of the economic and travel restrictions in place before Obama's action.

"It is important to continue to promote dialogue and encounter between our neighboring nations and peoples", Bishop Cantu said.

However, the President did not go into detail on what changes he intends to make.

"When the previous Washington administration introduced substantive changes to its policy toward the island, we believed, not without foundation, that they were not so much a manifestation of goodwill as a reflection of the failure of a policy of dictation and sanctions", the Russian government said, before reaffirming its "unwavering" solidarity with Cuba. America is blessed to have such an articulate and strong advocate for our ideals as we have in Senator Rubio. Such sales are still allowed under Trump's policy, which bars many transactions with businesses linked to the Cuban military.

The order also aims to restrict payments to companies owned by Cuba's security forces.

Supporters of the embargo cite Cuba's ongoing human rights abuses and restrictions on free trade as reasons for Cuba to remain an unacceptable trading partner barring substantial political change.

"For decades, we have called for the ban and embargo against Cuba to be lifted", he continued in a June 19 statement.