NYC subway station evacuated after smoke, loss of power

The New York City Emergency Management Department said the event was a partial derailment and power outages occurred on A, B, C and D trains.

Emergency personnel have responded to a Manhattan subway station where passengers were reporting smoke and a loss of power.

At least seven people are hurt after a subway derailed Tuesday in New York City, officials reported.

"This, to the best of my knowledge, does not look like a failure on the part of equipment, does not look like a failure on the part of the track itself", Lhota said. The MTA, the organization that runs the city's transit system, has been trying to address some of the issues that are causing delays, but with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio constantly fighting about the subways, resolution seems a ways off.

A student journalist tweets there was a train derailment near 125th.

At the time of the derailment, passengers reported their train vehicle filling with smoke, and some panicked straphangers forced their way out of the cars onto the tracks, reported the NY Daily News.

He said there was white smoke, and "there was a lot of banging around in that auto - it was really bad".

"When it first started derailing, there were some screams and shouts", a passenger, Steve Epstein, told NY1 television.

"But when it came to a stop and we looked around and everyone was all right, everyone was pretty calm", Epstein said.

"It was quite a ride". There were reports of sparks and smoke filling the cars, accounts that were corroborated by videos posted to social media.

Other trains approaching the station halted in their tracks. "Shortly after, we smelled a strong gas smell".

"People were going insane and it was very chaotic and traumatizing", said subway rider Jazmil Genao. A day earlier, the subway rider whose horrifying account of being stuck on a sweltering, powerless train earlier this month went viral held a news briefing to demand the MTA outline an evacuation procedure for riders who may get stranded in the future.

The MTA's Long Island Railroad is also having trouble.