More people trust Putin than Trump

Germany in particular had no confidence in Trump, sinking from 86 percent of people trusting the US president down to just 11 percent.

Canadians' views of their southern neighbour and their confidence in the US president are at a 15-year low, according to a major new survey of public attitudes in 37 countries.

The "eroding image" of United States power is particularly pronounced in some of America's closes allies, including Canada, Mexico and Germany. According to the research, most people who participated in the survey find Trump as "arrogant, intolerant, and even unsafe". Meanwhile, more than half of respondents (55%) call Trump a strong leader and another 39% say he is charismatic. Seventy-four percent of those surveyed said they have no confidence in Trump.

This is a far cry from his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, who got 64 percent level of confidence "to direct America's role in the world" during the final years of his administration.

Trump's ratings in Western Europe are similar to those for George W. Bush at the end of his presidency, according to the report.

There are two bright spots for Trump: Russia and Israel.

Not all nations view Trump this way; there are islands of Trump support in the sea of global skepticism - though they tend to be places with their own, controversial reputations: Israel, Nigeria, the Philippines, and, of course, Russia.

Trump has long boasted of an "America first" approach to foreign policy, threatening to and following through on proposals to remove the US from major global agreements on free trade, and environmental protections, while seeking to bar USA entry for residents of six Muslim-majority countries.

The change marked the first time since the final year of George W. Bush's presidency in 2008 that the public in these European countries has expressed more unfavorable than favorable views of the US, the survey found. "The share of the public with a positive view of the USA has plummeted in a diverse set of countries from Latin America‚ North America‚ Europe‚ Asia and Africa".

It also finds that views of Americans are positive except in the Middle East. Wike expressed the negative rating for the United States in the Middle East is "pretty consistent" over time.

Trump has been hit with controversy after withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement and implementing a travel ban. Trump has received more positive reviews in Russian Federation than any of his predecessors.

Under Barack Obama, by contrast, 80 percent of Westerners or more trusted the American president to do the right thing.