Kanye Wests falls out with Tidal, could go legal

After being unhappy with Tidal for a long time, Kanye claimed the company owed him $3 million and split from the music streaming service. Sources also claim Tidal doesn't believe West provided the videos as outlined in the contract, but West supposedly won't deliver until he gets the money he is now owed. West is now said to be willing to walk away from TIDAL, but he plans to countersue TIDAL if they do go ahead and sue him first.

"Kanye West, a key player in Jay Z's Tidal stable, has left the company over a money dispute and Tidal has threatened to sue him", according to reports.

Then we learned this morning that West thinks Jay and Tidal owes him $3 million, and it looks like the parties are going to go to court to hash it all.

According to sources with "knowledge of the conflict" between Kanye and Tidal, it appears that Yeezy is adamant about NEVER again entering into an exclusive album release or streaming contract, because he doesn't want to limit access to his music like that. His other issue is that TIDAL allegedly went back on reimbursing him for music videos. TMZ clarifies that Kanye had no advanced knowledge of his role in Jay-Z's new album 4:44 - spoiler: he gets trashed - but these ex-Throne partners have been calling each other out for months now, and it's only getting uglier.

Kim Kardashian whipped up a feast of Southern goodies for a family BBQ with Kanye and the kids yesterday, and rapper 2Chainz was one of the lucky guests.

JAY talks about his relationship with West on his song "Kill Jay Z", which comes from his newest disc, 4:44.

Jay-Z is now a major shareholder in the company, along with Sprint, which purchased 33 percent of Tidal in January 2017. "/ 'Fuck wrong with everybody?' is what you saying / But if everyone is crazy, you're the one that's insane".

Tidal, for its part, has said that West did not deliver on promised videos, and West has responded by saying that he will do so once he is paid. "Please don't send them at my head". Jay Z, I know you got killers.