White House gender pay gap worse than national average, report says

Even still, the average salary for men working in the White House is $104,000 annually, while it's $83,000 for women.

More women are filling lower-ranked jobs at the White House, according to the report and CNN pointed out that half the men in the White House earn $95,000 or more per year, while half the women earn $70,100 or less. That's below the national average-across the country, women typically make 82 cents to the dollar.

Last week, the White House's Annual Report to Congress was released, supporting CNN's findings. To calculate average salary, three employees reporting no earnings, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and one employee whose gender CNN was unable to confirm, were excluded.

Around 47 percent of the 359 regular employees at the White House are women - and 53 per cent men. But then, Ivanka is not paid a White House salary, nor is her husband, and her father is allegedly donating his pay, so why would she care?

On average, the difference between male and female salaries in the general economy is 23.5 percent, and in the current White House it's 45 percent.

Past reporting indicates the disparity is not new to the Trump White House - though it may be more pronounced. A few months ago, he rolled back Obama-era equal pay protections for women with an executive order. The Washington Post found in 2014 that women in President Barack Obama's White House Office made less than men, but at an 88-cents-on-the-dollar rate, which is higher than what women earn in the Trump's administration.

The news of the wider gender pay gap in Trump's White House comes as his administration considers disbanding Obama's White House Council on Women and Girls, responsible for monitoring the implementation of policy changes and liaising with women's groups, as reported by Politico.