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Olive Gray, an Actor Since the Age of 10, Stars in ‘Halo’

Name: Olive Gray

Age: 27

Hometown: Cambridge, England

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Now lives: In a three-story loft in the Southgate neighborhood of London with their parents, three siblings and two cockapoos.

Claim to fame: Mx. Gray is a musician and actor who stars in “Halo,” a Paramount+ adaptation of the hugely popular video game franchise. “We filmed in front of the biggest blue screen in Europe, so the whole time I was completely awe struck and mesmerized by working in this big expanse of space,” Mx. Gray said. “I remember thinking, ‘This must be how an ant feels every day.’” Mx. Gray is also known for roles in various British productions, including the BAFTA-winning TV thriller “Save Me” and the bawdy comedy “Sex Education.”

Big break: Mx. Gray’s father, David Grant, was one half of the 1980s funk-pop duo Linx, and Mx. Gray’s mother, Carrie Grant, represented Britain at the 1983 Eurovision contest as part of the pop group Sweet Dreams. “I grew up around a lot of people that I was also a fan of, which is kind of weird looking back on it,” they said. “I would run around the house and scream Spice Girls songs at the top of my lungs, and then sit with actual members of the Spice Girls in my living room.”

At the age of 10, Mx. Gray landed a recurring role on “The Story of Tracy Beaker,” a TV show about a girl in foster care. “As a kid, ‘fame’ was never really that big of a deal,” Mx. Gray said. “I know that sounds like not a terribly normal thing to say.”

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Latest project: Mx. Gray will release a five-track EP this year, which they described as “jazz and indie rock” with a little bit of pop. “You have to be very technical as a session singer when it comes to things like breathing and tone,” Ms. Gray said. “So even when I’m recording my own music, I still tend to hyper-analyze the quality of the sound like it’s a different person’s voice.”

Next thing: “Halo,” in which Mx. Gray plays Commander Miranda Keyes, has been renewed for a second season. “There is nothing quite like the scale of a big American sci-fi, is there? Everything just happens so quickly.”

Bad reviews: Mx. Gray grew up “obsessed” with obscure French cinema, often downloaded from the internet. “I only watched French independent films, even though a lot of them were really bad,” they said. “There was one about this party where every guest was from a different time period. It was very strange — probably one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.”

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