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Armie Hammer resurfaces with estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers following actor’s job controversy

Armie Hammer has resurfaced with estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers amid the scrutiny of his job.

Hammer and Chambers were spotted out and about together with their family in Los Angeles. 

The outing marks the first time the family has been photographed together since news broke that Hammer was selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands. The actor has been living there since the coronavirus pandemic.

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Hammer’s new job, which has not been confirmed by the actor himself, first made headlines after a flyer for Morritt’s Resort in Grand Cayman was shared to social media with a photo of someone who resembled Hammer.


The hotel originally denied the news, as did Hammer’s lawyer.

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However, multiple outlets later reported he was selling timeshares.

“He is working at the resort and selling timeshares. He is working at a cubicle,” a source told Variety. “The reality is he’s totally broke and is trying to fill the days and earn money to support his family.”

Hammer was photographed recently sans Chambers while he enjoyed lunch with a friend in Venice.

Chambers filed for divorce in July 2020 after 10 years of marriage. She cited “irreconcilable differences” in the court filing. Months later, Hammer was embroiled in controversy.

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Hammer and Chambers share two children, Harper Grace and Ford Douglas Armand.

In January 2021, multiple women accused him of sharing sexual fantasies with them that involved cannibalism.

The first allegation came from the anonymous Instagram account, House of Effie. Unverified screenshots showed messages allegedly sent by Hammer to an unidentified woman detailing erotic acts and admitting the actor was “100% a cannibal.”

Chambers filed for divorce in July 2020.

The screenshots led to multiple women coming forward with similar experiences.

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Paige Lorenze, the actor’s ex-girlfriend, claimed Hammer had a desire to smoke and eat her ribs, which was “definitely disturbing.”

“He was talking about finding a doctor to remove my ribs that I don’t need — the ribs that are on the bottom — and that he had a smoker at his house. He wanted to smoke them and eat them,” Lorenze told Fox News Digital. “He wondered how they would taste, and he basically was like, ‘I bet you they would taste good.’”

App founder Courtney Vucekovich, who also claimed to have dated Hammer, told the media a similar story.

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Vucekovich told Page Six that Hammer wanted to “break [her] rib and barbecue and eat it.”

Another alleged ex-girlfriend, writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, did not reveal any details about her relationship with Hammer but claimed on Instagram that she believes the messages shared by the anonymous account are “real.”

The BIRD Bakery founder broke her silence on the allegations against Hammer in February 2021.

Hammer was in a treatment center for six months to help him with his sexual issues and drug abuse. 

“For weeks, I’ve been trying to process everything that has transpired. I am shocked, heartbroken, and devastated,” Chambers wrote on Instagram at the time. “Heartbreak aside, I am listening, and will continue to listen and educate myself on these delicate matters. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know.

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“My sole focus and attention will continue to be on our children, on my work and on healing during this incredibly difficult time. Thank you for all of the love and support, and thank you in advance for your continued kindness, respect, and consideration for our children and me as we find ways to move forward.”

Chambers began dating again around August 2021, an insider confirmed to People magazine.

Hammer has also been accused of rape, which the actor has denied.

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