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‘Cinderella Is Sleeping in Her Car’

Abigail Disney, the grandniece of Walt Disney and granddaughter of the studio’s co-founder Roy O. Disney, says “we did not match our language with action” in response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, and that if people “pay attention,” they will realize that “Cinderella is sleeping in her car” at Disneyland.

“During the pandemic we saw billionaires get richer and nothing being done for essential workers,” Disney told Yahoo Entertainment. “We did not match our language with action.”

“Americans see Disneyland as this treasure and the people who work there are really important to them,” she added. “It makes people miserable to think that Cinderella is sleeping in her car! And that’s an important feeling to pay attention to, because it’s your conscience speaking.”

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Disney went on to say that “I understand that Disney means a lot to people,” but she has nonetheless emerged as one of the Walt Disney Company’s most prominent critics, Yahoo Entertainment noted.

Walt Disney’s grandniece is known for lambasting “the monetary disconnect between the company’s executive class and its everyday workers,” the report adds.

In her new documentary, The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales, Disney reportedly criticizes executive pay and calls for higher taxes on corporations, and profiles Disneyland employees who are having financial trouble while the theme park experiences profits.

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Self -described Disney World “enthusiasts,” however, believe the resort is losing its magic as soaring prices deter families from visiting the self-dubbed “happiest place on earth,” according to a recent study.

Prices have skyrocketed, Disney no longer distinguishes between “ladies and gentlemen,” or “boys and girls” anymore, guests on the “It’s a small world” floating boat ride were stranded for over an hour this past summer — with one rider calling the experience was “torture” — and the company has gone full groomer, with its CEO Bob Chapek caving to the woke LGBTQIA2S+ mob.

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