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Hannity: Supreme Court ruling sends abortion back to the states, where it belongs

Sean Hannity outlines the facts on the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion and what this means for the states on “Hannity.”


SEAN HANNITY: Now, despite the hysteria on the left, the Supreme Court ruling was a momentous decision that returns abortion law back to the states where it belongs, as it is not enumerated in the Constitution, like the right to keep and to bear arms, which we discussed at length last night. Now, some states with the most liberal abortion laws that even allow third-trimester abortions. Take a look at the map. They will continue to allow them. 

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That will include Alaska, Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, D.C. So while Democrats in the media mob predictably, are demagoguing and lying about this very ruling, we’ll give you the facts straight up, let you decide. Now, first, let us be very clear. This decision does not make abortion in America illegal. It does not. I know that. Implying that they’re saying it even, but it does not. Instead, individual voters, you will now decide abortion. 

Abortion law at the state level per the 10th Amendment of our Constitution. Now, remember powers that are not enumerated in the Constitution, like the right to keep and bear arms are reserved for the states. So again, in liberal states, there will be few, if any, restrictions on abortion in some cases up until the very moment of birth. In fact, most states will continue to allow abortion at some level. There might be some restrictions in one state, different ones in another state. 

Here’s the second fact about this ruling. Abortion was never enshrined in the US Constitution as a right, and it was never codified in law. Instead, it became the status quo for 50 years because of activist judges pretending that they were the legislative branch of government, supposed to be separate, co-equal branches. They’re not sometimes. 

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