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It’s ‘Democrat Policy That’s Destroying our Country’

It is Democrat policy — not necessarily President Biden’s incompetency — that is destroying the country, Donald Trump Jr. explained during an interview on Breitbart News Sunday.

What the country is experiencing today — the state of the economy, record-high inflation, and rising energy prices — “isn’t Joe Biden’s incompetence, as much as I’d love to be able to blame it on that,” Trump said.

“It’s Democrat policy that’s destroying our country, that’s destroying our economy, that’s destroyed our energy independence. It’s Democrat policy,” he said, making it clear that “we can’t let people conflate that” with Biden’ s incompetency.

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“Joe Biden will sign whatever they put in front of him, and whoever is actually running things — whether that’s Obama, Valerie Jarrett, or Susan Rice or whoever, you know, from that administration who’s actually making the decisions,” knows this, he said.

“This is Democrat policy that we’re seeing destroy our country.”

Trump expressed confidence that the MAGA movement is still winning people over who “understand that Democrats do not have America’s interests at heart.”


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“It seems they’re worried about everyone but actual Americans. They don’t care about your job. They don’t care about your livelihood, your family, your well-being, or just about anything, and it’s shown every day in the policies that they put forth, in the policies that are out there destroying our country right now. So, I think it’s really important to make note of that. People have to understand that’s exactly what’s going on,” Trump said.

“So don’t let them scapegoat Biden, which they will eventually do. They’ll say, ‘Oh well, it’s him.’ It’s not him,” he said. “This is Democrat policy. Everything they’re doing, they told you they would do.”

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