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LAURA INGRAHAM: Republican leadership seems far more comfortable cutting deals to satisfy Democrats

Laura Ingraham warns how the government will run out of money in December and how many Republicans are comfortable caving to Democrats on major issues on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: I can’t tell you how many Republicans I’ve spoken to lately who are pretty disillusioned and demoralized. Election after election, they vote. Some of them volunteer, and they donate to a party that, when push comes to shove, seems to actually detest them. Now, on big issues like trade and foreign policy budgets, Republican leadership seems far more comfortable cutting deals to satisfy Democrats than they are with working to satisfy their conservative base. 


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We saw this dynamic play out yesterday when 12 Republican senators, all the usual suspects, voted for the deceptively titled Respect for Marriage Act. While purporting to safeguard marital rights of same-sex couples, the law will actually end up gutting the religious liberty rights across the country. Social conservatives, of course, are insulted, yet they’re not really surprised. And now we just learned this week that Republicans are going to cave on yet another huge issue: spending. On Dec. 16, the government will run out of money. It’s convenient how the deadline always runs right up to Christmas vacation when all the members are just desperate to get out of town. 

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