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Woke Apple Mishandled Sexual Misconduct Claims

A recent report states that 15 different women have accused Apple HR of mishandling serious sexual misconduct allegations and more than half claim that the firm retaliated against them for filing the complaints.

The Financial Times reports that 15 different women are accusing Apple HR of mishandling serious misconduct allegations, and more than half claim that the company retaliated against them for bringing the complaints.

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Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in China (NG HAN GUAN /Getty)

One individual’s allegations related to a sexual assault committed outside of work hours and premises, but the human resources manager responding was allegedly dismissive, comparing the attack to a “minor traffic accident.”

The allegation pertained to a woman being partially undressed by a colleague while asleep.

The FT reports:

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Megan Mohr was five years into her Apple career when, in 2013, a male colleague took advantage of her after a platonic night out drinking together.

After the colleague drove her home and helped her inside, she briefly fell asleep before waking to the sound of clicking. The colleague had removed her shirt and bra. He was snapping photos, and grinning.

Mohr claims that a previous poor experience with Apple HR resulted in her not reporting the incident at the time, but following the #MeToo movement, she came forward with the allegations. However, she was told that Apple wouldn’t have taken any action against the colleague, even if they admitted to the offense.

The FT reports:

Mohr thought this was a modest ask, but the email exchange seen by the Financial Times soon turned rigid and defensive. The HR representative displayed little empathy or experience dealing with sexual misconduct. He analogised her experience to “a minor traffic accident” to explain how Apple couldn’t really get involved.


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Mohr alleges that Apple HR responded by saying, “Although what he did was reprehensible as a person and potentially criminal, as an Apple employee he hasn’t violated any policy in the context of his Apple work.”

Mohr left the company, stating that she wants Apple to align its policies with its claimed values: “I just want Apple to be the company it pretends to be for its customers,” she said.

Read more at the Financial Times here.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan

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